For Companies

Manage your job application safely and legally

The Legal Supply Chain Platform helps farms to find the needed workforce for their business, in a safe and legal way.

Advantages for farms

  • New safe and legal channel to recruit workers;
  • Less bureaucracy in the contractualization of workers

The Platform in just a few steps

  1. Register your company on the Platform
  2. Insert open positions in your company and the duration time of the assignments;
  3. Choose the candidate. The Platform will find, among the registered workers who gave their  availability to work, those most suitable for the position you are looking for.

With the Fi.Le Platform it is possible to benefit from a transport service for workers.

The Platform will be available for the 2021 industrial tomato campaign in the area of Foggia.

Register while waiting for the platform to be activated

Download the App and manage your requests directly from your smartphone

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