Filiera Legale App

Filiera legale platform on your mobile

The app allows users of Filiera Legale platform to take advantage of a series of services from their mobile phones directly.

For workers

Are you a worker? Download the app, manage the assigned assignments from your mobile phone and view information about your itinerary to and from the agricultural field, quickly and freely.

What you can do through the app

  • register on Filiera Legale platform, create your user account, update your personal data and write your periods of availability;
  • manage the assigned assignment, deciding among refusal, acceptance and acceptance with the possibility to modify the end of your availability;
  • view information relating to transport: itinerary, travel time and means of transport, quickly and easily;
  • thanks to the tracking function, view in any moment the position of the vehicle assigned to your transport;
  • Receive notifications sent by Filiera Legale platform;
  • Confirm your identity before boarding the Fi.Le means of transport.

For farms

Are you a farm? Download the app to manage your requests directly from your mobile.

What you can do through the app

  • select the required working day through Filiera Legale platform;
  • view the list of assigned workers for the requested working day;
  • notify the system about the arrival of workers in the agricultural field;
  • view detailed information on each assigned worker.

Download the app! It is free and available on Google Play and the App Store

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