The partnership


Fi.Le – Filiera Legale has a partnership with the representatives of the categories (workers, producers and processors) of the industrial tomato supply chain, selected through public notice. BMTI is the project leader. It is the public equivalent body in charge of market development and the spread of economic information dissemination.


It was established by the Italian Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Policies with decree n. 174 of 2006 and subsequent amendments. It is the agency of the Italian Chambers of Commerce System in charge of market regulation, development and transparency, and prices and economic information dissemination.

Chamber of Commerce of Foggia

Institutional partner


It represents and coordinates the Italian companies and cooperatives of Cia, Confagricoltura, Copagri and the Alliance of agri-food cooperatives. Agrinsieme represents all of these organizations by integrating the stories of each reality.

ANICAV (National Association of Food and Vegetable Preserves)

It’s the world’s largest association representing tomato processing companies by number of affiliated companies and quantity of processed product.

FLAI-CGIL (Italian Federation of Agricultural Workers)

FLAI is a trade union belonging to CGIL (one of oldest Italian trade unions). It organizes agricultural workers in the food processing industry. Among its basic principles, we can find the safeguard, the protection and the promotion of the individual and collective rights of workers it represents.

FAI-CISL (Italian Agricultural Food Environmental Industrial Federation)

Fai is a trade union belonging to CISL (a Confederation of Trade Unions in Italy). It represents workers from agriculture and related activities, of the food industry, forests, fishing and tobacco. It carries out a wide contractual activity at national, business, geographical and sectorial level.

Coldiretti Provincial Federation of Foggia

It aims to guarantee development opportunities to agricultural companies including agriculture in the economic and social interests of the Country.

Italia Ortofrutta

It is a National Union of Organizations of Fruit and Vegetable Producers recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies with over 50 years of activity. It represents and protects 140 affiliated organizations and stimulates the aggregation, development and enhancement processes of the fruit and vegetable organized system.

OI (Interprofessional Organization Tomato for central-southern industry)

It was born as an association of orientation, coordination, support and promotion and union between the agricultural part and the industrial one.

UILA-UIL (Italian Union of Agri-food Works)

UILA arose in 1994 from the unification of two Italian associations founded in order to deal with agricultural workers matters (UISBA and UILIAS). It aims to defend and improve its members’ social, economic and moral interests in order to create living conditions meeting the needs of the category.