For Workers

Look for a job in agriculture safely and legally

Fi.Le Platform helps workers to find a safe employment in the industrial tomato supply chain.

Benefits for the workers

  • Safety and transparency of working conditions;
  • Possibility to receive job offers from multiple companies;
  • Possibility to benefit of a safe, legal and free transport service until the field of harvest, this offer is valid subject to availability of reserved places;
  • Possibility of training and development of skills.

The Platform in just a few steps

  1. Register on the Platform to enter the desired assignment, through a delegate as well;
  2. Detail your job request with the period of availability and increase your profile with your professional experiences;
  3. Accept the assignment appointed for you. The platform will find, among the requests entered by companies, the one most suitable for the position you are looking for.

Through Fi.Le Platform, you can also benefit from the free transport service, by selecting the meeting point, in order to go to the workplace, this offer is valid subject to availability of reserved places.

The platform will be available for the 2022 industrial tomato campaign in the area of Foggia.

Register to the platform

With Legal Supply Chain you can entrust your registration on the platform to a Delegated User , who will manage all the practices related to it.

For more information

Download the App and manage the assignment assigned directly from your smartphone

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